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Collaborative Research Agreement between Chiyoda Technol Corporation and Ruđer Bošković Institute

Glavni istraživač: Saveta MiljanićTrajanje: Od: 01.01.1970 do 01.01.1970

Computational predicition of structure and catalytic activity of new organic superacids

Glavni istraživač: Robert VianelloTrajanje: Od: 01.09.2008 do 01.09.2010

Computational Studies of the Reaction Catalyzed by Methylmalonyl - CoA Mutase

Glavni istraživač: Trajanje: Od: 01.05.2009 do 01.11.2009

Control of Illicit Traficking of Threat Materials

Glavni istraživač: Trajanje: Od: 05.05.2004 do 05.05.2006

Cope with the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century: Integrated Basic and Applied training in a Success-oriented Bioprospecting - BIOCAPITAL

Glavni istraživač: Renato BatelTrajanje: Od: 01.01.2005 do 31.12.2008

Corals and global warming: the Mediterranean versus the Red Sea CoralWarm

CoralWarm will generate for the first time projections of temperate and subtropical coral survival by integrating sublethal temperature increase effects on metabolic and skeletal processes in...
Glavni istraživač: Trajanje: Od: 01.01.2010 do 31.12.2014

COST Action BM0903 - Skin Barrier and Atopic Diseases (SKINBAD)

The main objective of the Action is to bundle research expertise on atopic eczema (AE) and to identify key genetic and environmental risk factors. Atopic eczema (AE) is an inflammatory skin disorder...
Glavni istraživač: Trajanje: Od: 16.11.2009 do 15.11.2013

COST Action CM0901 - Detailed chemical kinetic models for cleaner combustion

The main objective of the Action is to develop cleaner and more efficient combustion processes through the design and implementation of better defined and more accurate detailed chemical kinetic...
Glavni istraživač: Trajanje: Od: 28.01.2010 do 27.01.2014

COST Action CM1001 - Chemistry of non-enzymatic protein modification - modulation of protein structure and function

The complexity of human life arises from some twenty thousand genes, and results due to alternative splicing mechanism in approx. 100000 proteins. By posttranslational modifications these proteins...
Glavni istraživač: Trajanje: Od: 08.11.2010 do 07.11.2014

COST Action CM1106 - Chemical Approaches to Targeting Drug Resistance in Cancer Stem Cells

This COST Action aims to unite researchers with expertise in rational drug design and the medicinal chemistry of synthetic and natural compounds with biomedical investigators dedicated to the...
Glavni istraživač: Trajanje: Od: 28.03.2012 do 27.03.2016