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A Knowledge based platform of services for supporting medical-clinical management of heart within elderly population - HEARTFAID

The HEARTFAID innovative computerized system improves the processes of diagnosis, prognosis and therapy provision, providing the following services:

electronic health record for easy and ubiquitous access to heterogeneous patients data;

integrated services for healthcare professionals, including patient telemonitoring, signal and image processing, alert and alarm system;

clinical decision support in the heart failure domain, based on pattern recognition in historical data, knowledge discovery analysis and inferences on patients clinical data.

The formalization of the pre-existing clinical knowledge and the discovery of new elicited knowledge represent the core of the HEARTFAID platform.
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University of Calabria (Italija - koordinator) University Magna Graecia (Italija) University Milano - Bicocca (Italija) Jagiellonian University (Poljska) VMW Solutions (UK) Hellenic Telecommunications (Grčka) Synapsis (Italija) CNR (Italija) Foundation for Research and Technology (Grčka) Instituto auxologico (Italija)